OpenIDEO Chapters activate people in more than 25 cities around the world to design solutions that impact their communities.

Connect and collaborate with others in your city, and bring a local lens to the global challenges we work on every day.

Find a Chapter Near You

Click on your city and head to your chapter's community page.
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Connect With Others Locally

Connect with other designers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, educators and leaders in your city who are interested in social impact and human-centered design.

Attend Events

Join or start a potluck, social mixer, human-centered design bootcamp, speaker series, skill-share workshop, community retreat or large-scale conference.

Launch Projects

Apply human-centered design to launch and support projects that address social and environmental challenges in your local community.

Ignite Collective Action

Collaborate with other Chapters around the world and take collective action around specific social or environmental challenges.